Optical fiber for the protection, monitoring, and control of rail section- and station-systems.

Infraconcepts has been the leading supplier of innovative broadband concepts for the design, construction, management, and maintenance of optical fiber networks for ProRail for over twenty years. The so-called Optical fiber Interlocal Telecom (GVIT) and SpoorLAN optical fiber networks are used by Prorail to monitor and remotely control the railway systems along the tracks and at the stations. This is performed from the control rooms through the telecom (sub-/switch-stations, relay houses, central distributors, or street centrals). It consists systems like cameras, dynamic travelling information systems (DRIS), clocks, and announcement systems.

Thanks to our extensive experience in leading projects, our specialists are perfectly able to work with you to face the challenge to create the right solution for your optical fiber network. Supported by our know-how and expertise we are involved from the design-stage in their projects by our clients. During the construction-phase we provide the necessary assistance, including technical system-assistance and logistical services that, in close consultation with you, are tuned into your business processes.

Infraconcepts offers a wide range of innovative broadband concepts for system applications along tracks and at stations.