Optical fiber for the protection, monitoring, and control of smart grids.

Infraconcepts is the leading supplier of innovative broadband concepts for the design, construction, management and maintenance of optical fiber networks for the providers of power grids. These ‘Smart Grids’ are used by the providers for the protection of high-tension wiring, and to monitor and remotely control fields and switch stations, so the security in the provision of electricity can be assured at all times.

Thanks to our extended experience in cutting edge projects, our specialists are perfectly able to work with you to face the challenge to find the right solution to create your ‘Smart Grid’. Supported by our know-how and expertise on Telecom- and optical fiber solutions, we are asked by grid-providers and installers to support them and advise them to make well-considered choices to realise a reliable and future-proof optical fiber network.

Infraconcepts offers a broad range of innovative broadband concepts for high-tension wires above- and underground, for switch stations, and field-station applications.