Splice trays & Accessories

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Splice trays are smart Fiber Management solutions for various types of optical fiber infrastructures. Infraconcepts supplies various types of splice trays that excel in quality and applicability. We offer, for example, the entire product range of CommScope, but also the well-known SK121, and Microfocus trays. The CommScope trays are generally used in closures like FIST-GCO2, TENIO, and EDSA. The SK121 and Microfocus are often used in 1HE optical fiber drawers on a client location with a limited amount of routed fibers per tray. In addition Infraconcepts supplies a broad range of accessories like splice protectors, splice holders, and splitters.


CommScope FIST splice trays are frequently used in an Optical Distribution Frame like FACT, FIST-GPS3, MFPS, and FIST-GSS3. The capacity of these trays runs from 24 to 48 or 96 fibers (HD trays). These trays can also be used in optical fiber closures such as GCO2, FLAT-GCO2, and of course the EDSA FTTP closure. The TENIO closure has different trays. All trays can be equipped with various types of splitters. The SK121 splice tray and Microfocus splice tray are mainly applied in a 1HE optical fiber drawer.

You decide

  • FIST-SOSA2-4SE-S (SMOUV splice protector) and FIST-SOSA2-4SE-A tray (ANT splice protector).
  • FIST-SOSA2-2SE-S (SMOUV wed protector) and FIST-SOSA2-2SE-A tray (ANT splice protector).
  • FIST-SOSA2-4SC-S (SMOUV splice protector) and FIST-SOSA2-4SC-A tray (ANT splice protector).
  • FIST-SOSA2-8SC-S (SMOUV splice protector) and FIST-SOSA2-8SC-A tray (ANT splice protector).
  • FIST-SOSA2-8SLE-S (SMOUV splice protector) and FIST-SOSA2-8SLE-A tray (ANT splice protector).
  • SK121 splice tray + splice holder 12-fold for ANT/SMOUV.
  • Microfocus splice tray + splice holder 12-fold for ANT/SMOUV.
  • ANT splice protectors, SMOUV 30, 45, or 60 mm splice protectors.
  • Connectors, pigtails, and optical fiber drawers are also available.

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  • Fast: Quick deliveries from stock.
  • Quality: Prime quality.
  • Flexible: Client-specific solutions possible.
  • Service: Expert advice from experienced professionals.

More information

For more information or advice regarding splice trays & accessories from Infraconcepts, you can always contact one of our advisors.