Tube connectors


The finishing touch

Tube connectors are applied to connect and cover DB-tubes or conducting tubes. The connectors can be placed directly in the ground and prevent water and filth from getting inside the tubes. The product range of Infraconcepts exists of straight connectors (to hook through tubes/conducting tubules), end-stop/water-block connectors (to close off tubes), and gas-block connectors (to close off the mini-cable at the end of the tube). Because Tube connectors are an important item in an optical fiber network, they have an extremely extended life-cycle. Tube connectors are available from stock in various diameters and models.


Just like DB-tubes, tube connectors are mainly used in the FTTX-concepts to connect homes and offices fast. To connect tubes (possibly of different gauge), straight connectors are used.
To close off the tubes (for example spare tubes or temporary covering during installation) end-stop connectors are available. A gas-block connector is a special connector for the spot where the mini-cable exits the tube (for example in a man-hole) to create solid sealing and fixation between tube and mini-cable, where the diameters of both are decisive for the choice of the model of gas-block.
For all these connectors, permanent and re-usable models are available, which gives the service provider latitude of choice and cost-control while unrolling a network. In order to see quickly during maintenance or installation whether tubes (and mini-cables) are being connected well, often connectors are used with a transparent mid-/end-section.

You decide

  • End-stop, water-block, gas-block or straight connectors.
  • Connector suitable for tube and mini-cable diameter (frequently used diameters: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 mm).
  • Permanent or re-usable model.
  • Connectors to connect tubes with different diameters.
  • With or without transparent mid-section.

Your advantages

  • Choice: Wide range of choice in thickness of skin and configurations.
  • Fast: Connectors in several shapes and sizes available from stock.
  • Cost-effective: Re-usability vs. permanent deployable of connectors.
  • Durable: Connectors composed in such a way as to use Direct-Buried.
  • Quality: 20 years of tight collaboration with selected quality-manufacturers.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures available on request. For more information or advice on Tube connectors from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.