Duct seals


Keep it clean

Infraconcepts has a wide range of duct seals for various applications. Closing tubes is necessary both during and after construction of an optical fiber network. Because various types of tubing’s exist (HDPE- or DB-tube) there is also a need of various types of sealing techniques. Duct seal products from Infraconcepts have a long life-cycle and are available in various configurations and tube-diameters.


Duct seals can be deployed in different ways. During construction of the network, often simple sealing plugs are used to avoid that water and filth end up in the HDPE-tubes, DB-tubes, or conductor tube. One can choose here for either disposable or re-usable plugs. Infraconcepts advises, for example, to use sealing or add-on plugs on underground HDPE-tubes that allow the tubes, either or not with the cable already installed, to be sealed. DB-tubes and conductor tubes with optical fiber cable that finish in a working space must always be provided with gas- and water-block connectors to avoid a risk of explosions, or that water could run into the space. All seals are also available in a divisible model. Infraconcepts loves to advise you on the many diverse shapes and dimensions so you will pick the right duct seals for your project.

You decide

  • Closing plugs, closing/add-on plugs for HDPE-tube and cable.
  • Closing plugs for temporary use (disposable).
  • Shrinking caps.
  • Divisible gas- and water-block plugs.
  • Closures for prefab- and conductor tubes.

Your advantages

  • Choice: Broad choice of models (Jackmoon and Filoform).
  • Speed: Fast installation thanks to divisibility.
  • Stock: Duct seals for standard sizes available from stock.
  • Quality: 20 years of tight collaboration with selected quality-manufacturers.

More information

Data sheet and extra pictures available on request. For more information or advice on duct seals from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.