Street cabinets & Micro-POPs

Street smarts

Street cabinets from Infraconcepts are smart system solutions for future-oriented FTTX-networks. Thanks to an open standard, our street cabinets are fit for almost any technology. We offer the casing with high-quality Fiber Management, but also Plug-and-Play. Infraconcepts can save costs by delivering directly to and placing the street cabinets or Micro-POPs on the construction site.

Our street cabinets are extremely fit for Fiber to the Home-, Fiber to the Business-, and Fiber to the Curb-networks and they comply with the highest standards. When using active devices in street cabinets, cooling and back-up are important criteria to be considered.


You will find high-quality street cabinets from Infraconcepts on every other corner. They are used by the office for public spaces Rijkswaterstaat, at the railways, in airports, Fiber to the Home-, Fiber to the Business-, and Fiber to the Curb-networks, CAI, power networks, and mobile networks. Naturally they are water-tight, extremely robust, and they resist extreme weather conditions.

You decide

  • Set-up for FFTH, FFTB, and FFTC.
  • With or without UPS.
  • Various types of Fiber Management possible.
  • Delivery directly to building location.
  • Various outer materials and colours.
  • Various height, width and depth sizes.

Your advantages

  • Easy: Simple and user-friendly.
  • Fast: Fast production and delivery.
  • Flexible: We will determine the optimal street cabinet for your project together.
  • Future-proof: Our cabinets are made according to the latest technology options.

More information

For more information or advice on the varying solutions for street cabinets from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.