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Passive optical components can have an important impact on the efficiency of communication network roll-outs. The use of optical fiber splitters reduces the quantity of fibers in the network and, as a result, both the footprint and the investment costs of roll-outs. In existing networks, capacity upgrades can be realised with these components at relatively low costs, and without any additional construction activities. Adding components that monitor the network without disturbing other signals reduces the cost of usage.

A splitter is a network component that distributes incoming light (one or two input fibers) in equal parts over several output fibers (2-64). Splitters are available with 250 µm, 900µm (PLC) buffered fibers, and patch cables. Splitters from Infraconcepts can be integrated within various products, such as optical fiber drawers (for example FIST-GPS3, FACT MFPS), and optical fiber closures (for example FIST-GCO2, EDSA, TENIO) for various types of optical networks.


  • FttH, EPON, GPON, BPON, FttX, FttH.

You decide

  • Wavelength.
  • Available with required connectors and optical fiber drawers.
  • Type connector.
  • Type cable.

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  • Fast: Quick delivery.
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  • Flexible: Client-specific solutions possible.
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