Repair closures

The fastest way to permanently fix

Repair closures are applied in optical fiber networks where a cable fracture has occurred. Possibly a number of fibers, or even all fibers, need to be repaired, or an entirely new cable must be installed. Infraconcepts has a fitting Repair closure for any situation, following either one of two operational approaches. The Dome-approach is appropriate to link two cable ends, and the Inline-approach for a continuing cable. Each Repair closure can be easily installed and re-opened at a later moment in time. Thanks to an intelligent design and the application of gel-technology, repair time is reduced considerably.


For the various types of repairs on optical fiber cables, various types Repair closures are available up to a maximum of 672 fibers. These closures all have a basic IP-value of IP68. Depending on where the repair needs to be carried out, the closure is placed directly underground, a closure in a handhole is used, or the closure is applied indoors by using a bracket. As some Repair closures are very compact, some are suitable for the bend optimized fibers, and others for the remaining fiber types.


You decide

Your choice for a Repair closure is based on the following factors:

  • Type of optical fiber cable.
  • Type of optical fiber in connection with the bending radius of optical fiber.
  • Number of optical fibers to complete.
  • Available space.
  • Application of a window-cut.


The most regular Repair closures of Infraconcepts:


  • OFDR-B-01-8U – 3 DAC cables in, max. 12 fibers.
  • GATOR – 1 DAC cable in, max. 12 fibers.
  • OFDC-B8-U12-2-NN-8 – 2 cables in, max. 8 cables out, max. 72 fibers.
  • FOSC-600-C – 6 to 8 cables in/out, max. 480 fibers.
  • FOSC-600-D – 6 to 8 cables in/out, max. 864 fibers.
  • GCO2 – many applications possible, max. 672 fibers.
  • FLAT GCO2 – many applications possible, max. 144 fibers.
  • TENIO – many applications possible, max. 192 fibers.
  • EDSA – max. 48 cables, max. 96 fibers.


  • OFDR-I-01-8U – 3 DAC cables in/out, max. 12 fibers.
  • OFMC-I8 S=shrinking splice; A48=ANT – max. 5 cables in/out, max. 48 fibers.
  • FOSC-500AA-24 or 48 shrinking splice/ANT – 2 cables in/out, max. 48 fibers.
  • FOSC-500B – 6 to 8 cables in/out, max. 144 fibers.
  • FOSC-600-C – 6 to 8 cables in/out, max. 288 fibers.
  • FOSC-600-D – 6 to 8 cables in/out, max. 672 fibers.
  • KM3 – 4 ports, max. 144 fibers.
  • KM2 – 4 ports, max. 288 fibers.
  • MJC-FOSC – various cables with a diameter of 7 mm to 28 mm, max. 192 fibers. This one is perfectly suitable if no superfluous length is available on the trajectory that could be used for the repair.

Your advantages

  • Easy: Easy installation for any application.
  • Fast: Smart design closures (for example with gel-technology) ensures quick repair-times.
  • Choice: Several models, dome/butt (end models) and in-line (continuing models).
  • Accessibility: Possible to easily re-open at a later moment.

More information

For more information or advice on the Repair Closures from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at any time.

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