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Infraconcepts’ pre-connectorized concepts have been developed in compliance with the highest standards (IEC-61755, IEC 61754-4, and IEC 61753-1) that are essential to reliable optical fiber connections. The building blocks, consisting of connecting cables, Multi Service Terminals (MSTs), and drop-assemblies, interlock extremely well, are scalable, and can be very efficiently deployed for varying communication applications. Each and every one of the components has been designed with the idea to simplify the entire process of network installation, and to limit its management and maintenance to a minimum. The applied technology of hardened connectors that are terminated in a conditioned manufacturing environment and furnished with robust protection, has proven itself over the past years as a very reliable solution in various extreme environments.


By applying the Hardened Connectivity concept of Infraconcepts, network installations can be realised extremely fast without the use of special tools. This makes the concept exceptionally fit for rolling-out temporary optical fiber connections that are supposed to allow the transfer of data in various points in a short period of time. Take events, for example, antenna-deployment points, FTTH-, or FTTB-applications. A great advantage is that the optical fiber cables and terminals come equipped with pre-mounted connectors so splicing the optical fibers is no longer necessary. Linking these connectors is easy and possible to do without any specific professional know-how. The connectors offer protection against variations in temperature, humidity, UV radiation, chemical effects, and other extreme circumstances that are typical for the outdoor-environment where the network is going to be installed.

You decide

  • OTE (Optical Terminal Enclosure) or Mini-OTE.
  • Number of available ports (2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16).
  • Flexible service terminal (multi-fiber breakouts).
  • Hardened drop cables (client connector cables) DLX, or OptiTap.
  • OptiSnap connectors (field installable connectors).
  • Splitter modules.
  • Option for the application of fiber indexing modules.

Your advantages

  • Tough: Resists extreme conditions (GR-326, GR-3152, GR-3120).
  • Easy: Very fast to install, installation-friendly.
  • Protection: Connectors in conformity with IP-68 (2-meter water column).
  • Compatible: In conformity with telecom-standard, SC/APC 8 degrees.
  • Multi-functional: Underground, on the ground, and on masts.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures are available on request. For more information or advice on Hardened Connectivity from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors any time.

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