Pigtails & Patchcords

Custom made & fully tested

Pigtails are single-fiber cables equipped with a connector on one end. On Patchcords (also called ‘jumpers’) connectors have been assembled on both ends. The assembly takes place in specially furnished spaces (cleanrooms) in order to guarantee the best possible quality. Pigtails & Patchcords are available in various lengths, for both single- and multi-mode fiber types, and naturally available from stock in the more regular variations. For your specific needs, Infraconcepts is happy to manufacture optical fiber Pigtails and Patchcords according your specifications.


Pigtails are typically used to terminate a optical fiber cable in an ODF (Optical Distribution Framework), and are spliced on the feed-cable. Patchcords are usually deployed to link through patch panels, and to connect patch panels with the optical devices of the final user.

You decide

  • Fiber types (G652-D, G657A1, G657A2, ULTRA, G655, OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4), also available in various types of cable.
  • Connector types (conform IEC 61753, 61754, 61755) such as SC/APC 8 degrees, LC/APC 8 degrees, E2000/APC 8 degrees, SC/PC, LC/PC, ST/PC, MTP, and LC Uniboot.
  • The required quality (A-, B-, C-, or D-grade).
  • Any length and colour you need.
  • 100% ceramic ferrule (standard for prime quality guarantee) or other ferrule types (on request).

Your advantages

  • Fast: Quick delivery thanks to substantial stock of the most commonly used Pigtails & Patchcords.
  • Quality: Highest quality-standard thanks to collaboration with internationally prestigious parties.
  • Flexible: Entirely configurable, client-specific solutions are available in no time.
  • Complete: Pigtails and Patchcords are available in customised form in combination with, for example, connectors, patch drawers, and ODF’s.
  • Competitive: The best quality for a competitive price.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures are available on request. For more information or advice about Pigtails and Patchcords from Infraconcepts you can contact one of our advisors at all times.

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