Small size, big performance

Minicables are used in telecom- and LAN-networks in places where space is limited. Like any other optical fiber cable, the minicable is also characterized by very high transmission-speeds. Minicables are available in loose tube and central tube versions. The diameters of these minicables can vary, depending on the tubes of the multi-duct system. The loose tube minicable consists of a strength-component with optical fibers around it. Fillers can be added. Aramide/glass yarns are applied around it for pulling strength and protection and are finished with a PE-coating. No strengthening components are added to the central tube minicable. The tubes with optical fibers are wrapped in aramide for pulling strength and protection, and are finished with a PE-coating. On top of standard mini cables, Infraconcepts also develops customized cables.


Minicables are applied, for example, in FTTX, backbone, access and local networks with the purpose of fast data-transfer. Minicables are blown through multi-duct systems with a thick mantle (e.g. 14/10 mm, 12/8 mm, 8/4.5 mm, or 7/3.5 mm tube) or a thin one (e.g. 12/10 mm, 10/8 mm, 7/5.5 mm, or 5/3.5 mm tube).

You decide

Minicables for thick-or thin-skinned multi-duct systems.
How many fibers and types of fibers:

Single-mode (1310/1550/1625nm)

  • G.652D
  • G.655 NZDS (LEAF)
  • G.657A (bend insensitive) + G657B
  • ClearCurve (bend insensitive)
  • ULTRA (bend insensitive and 9/125)

Multi-mode (850/1300nm)

  • 62.5/125 (OM1)
  • 50/125 (OM2)
  • 50/125 (OM3)
  • 50/125 (OM4)

Your advantages

  • Fast: Faster data-transfer compared to copper cables.
  • Flexible: Flexible cable, lightweight and available in various compositions.
  • Reliable: Resistant to outside disturbances.
  • Secure: Optical fiber cables cannot be wiretapped like copper cables.

More information

For more information or advice about minicables from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.



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