NextGen Accessibility

MFPS is a next-generation Front Patch High Density ODF-system (Optical Distribution Frames). Optical Distribution Frames exist in various models and are used to connect optical fibers with each other, to patch, and to manage. They are the basis of the passive network management for which the degree of manipulation, density, and protection are driving the type of solution. Within the enormous range of choices, Infraconcepts will advise you about the optimal configuration for your specific situation.


MFPS (Modular Front Patch System) is, optionally in combination with the FIST-GR3 rack system, extremely suitable for optical fiber networks in which high density plays a very important role, such as Fiber to the Home (POP) applications. In MFPS an extreme number of patches can be placed on a very small footprint, without the manipulation of fibers becomes a problem. MFPS can be installed in every 19-inch or 23-inch (ETSI) rack, and is provided with the essential patch management and bend controls.

MFPS is an Easy Front Access application that supports the functions splice/splice, slice/patch, or patch/patch. The modules are delivered in pre-fibered mode, which means that all crucial components, like fibers and adapters, have been installed in a cleanroom, in conformity with the highest quality standards. These are the essential components to guarantee the quality of the optical fiber network.

You decide

  • MFPS for 19 inch and 23 inch (ETSI).
  • Available in 1U, 2U, 3U (HD, ED, XD).
  • HD 3U 144 x SC, ED 3U 216 x LC, XD 3U 288 x LC (1.2 mm patchcords).
  • Splice/splice module, patch/patch module, splice/patch module, or splitters module.
  • Patchcords, unibootcords, interfacility & breakout assemblies.
  • Various connector/adapter types (SC/PC, SC/APC, LC/PC, LC/APC).
  • Single mode (Grade B or C, in conformity with IEC standard).

Your advantages

  • Easy: Easy to install, front patch, easy access.
  • Fast: Light-weight and robust ‘toolless’ box system.
  • Clean: Pre-fibered & easily accessible for cleaning.
  • Safe: Adapters and connectors are stored away safely.
  • Accessible: Access from the front, clear port numbering.
  • Competitive: The best quality against a competitive price.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures are available on request. For more information or advice concerning MFPS you can contact one of our advisors at all times.