Loose tube cable

Ultra strong, ultra fast

Loose tube optical fiber cables are used in telecom- and company-networks, and are characterised by extremely high transmission speeds. These optical fiber cables are generally deployed on (networks with a high amount of fibers). The Loose tube cable is robust and has high pulling strength. The cable consists of a strength-component with tubes around it filled with optical fiber. Fillers can be added. Around it, aramide/glass yarns is applied for pulling strength and protection. The cable is finalized with a coating. The coating may be Polyethylene (PE) for outdoors or Low Smoke Zero Hydrogen (LSZH) for indoor-use. Underneath the coating an protecting armour may be applied in case the cable will go directly underground, on ladder tracks or in cable routing systems. On top of standard cables, Infraconcepts also develops client-specific cables like Rijkswaterstaat-, ProRail-, TenneT-, and RET cable.


Loose tube optical fiber cables are applied in the likes of backbone-networks, access optical fiber networks, or local networks with the purpose of fast data-transfer. Optical fiber cables are usually blown or pulled through a cable protection tube, or is laid directly in the ground (armoured version), but it also be applied indoors and on ladder tracks or cable routing systems, for example in tunnels and data centers.


You decide

  • Optical fiber cable that is blown or pulled through a protective tube.
  • Metal-free or with metal armouring.
  • Coating intended for outdoors (PE) or indoors (LSZH).
  • Cables for placement directly underground, in tunnels, on ladder tracks, or cable routing systems.
  • Cable coating modified for use in plastic or concrete shafts.
  • Cable coating is suitable for the petro-chemical industry.
  • Number of integrated fibers and fibers type (see Optical fibers).
  • Colour and printing can be customized.

Your advantages

  • Strong: Robust cable with great pulling strength.
  • Fast: Faster data-transfer compared to copper cables.
  • Flexible: Flexible cable, light, and available in various compositions.
  • Reliable: Impervious to outside disturbances.
  • Secure: Optical fiber cables cannot be wiretapped like copper cables.

More information

For more information or advice on Loose tube optical fiber cables from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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