Industrial cable


The powerful backbone

Industrial optical fiber cables are mainly used as backbones for industrial company networks. In addition they can be installed indoors. The Industrial cables are based on the proven standard loose tube design for which the coating is made of fire-delaying materials (Low Smoke Zero Halogen). The cables are tested very extensively to comply with mechanical characteristics and environmental standards, both of which are more demanding than those for traditional datacom-cables. The coloured 250 µm fibers allows easy identification during installation. Infraconcepts would like to advise you on the right choice of Industrial cables for your project.



Industrial cables (e.g. Corning Industrial LSZH™ Indoor/outdoor) offer a safe solution for industrial applications due to the composition of the cable design. It means they can be used for industrial areas and that they can operate under extreme circumstances, for example in the medical and petro-chemical sectors. Generally, these cables are installed on ladder tracks which exposes them automatically to various perils, such as fire, extreme temperatures and chemical impact. In these cases a regular halogen-based composition could produce poisonous gases and acids. It is typical for these LSZH-cables that they will not drip into fire, but will slowly turn to ash and extinguish themselves when the fire is spent. The Industrial cable is reinforced by an Interlocking Armor that guarantees extra mechanical strength.


You decide

  • Can be buried directly or supplied with LSZH-material (outdoor- vs. indoor-use).
  • Metal-free or with extra metal armour.
  • PE-coating for outdoor- or LSZH-coating for indoor-use.
  • Number of fibers integrated in the cable from 12 to 288.
  • Various fiber types (see Optical fibers).
  • 12 different basic colours (standard black) for easy visual identification.
  • Printing can be customized.

Your advantages

  • Strong: Robust cable with extremely high pulling strength.
  • Safe: Fire-secure, prevents formation of poisonous gas and acid and is self-extinguishing in case of fire.
  • Quality: Cables tested according to global standards.
  • Flexible: Choice of various colours and fiber types.

More information

For more information or advice on Industrial cables from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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