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Identifiers are user-friendly devices for the detection of optical signals by single-mode optical fibers, without disturbing the transmission traffic. The risk of disconnecting live optical fibers during installation activities is eliminated in this way. Identifiers are clamped, simply and quickly, around the optical fiber, allowing to induct a safe macro bend. It permits a minimal amount of light to escape, through which the presence of an optical signal can be detected, in what direction the optical signal is being transmitted, and what the relative strength of the optical signal is. Infraconcepts supplies various types of robust, portable Identifiers for the undisturbed detection of live optical fibers.


The various Identifiers are used on locations where optical fibers are spliced and/or optical fiber connectors are patched. They are indispensable on locations with a high concentration of optical fiber connections, like data centers, central offices, headends, area POPs, and street centrals. In addition, the cleaning products are extremely suitable for consumer and business client-connections with a relatively low concentration of optical fiber connections.

You decide

  • OFI-200D Optical Fiber Identifier for 250 μm and 900 μm or 2 mm and 3 mm fibers.
  • OFI-400 Optical Fiber Identifier with screen for 250 μm and 900 μm or 2 mm and 3 mm fibers.
  • OFI-400C Optical Fiber Identifier with screen and special insertion-head and calibrator for 2 mm and 3 mm fibers.
  • OFI-400HP Optical Fiber Identifier with screen especially for high-power signals, including DWDM and CWDM.
  • OFI-BI & OFI-BIPM Optical Fiber Identifiers with touchscreen, trigger lock, improved battery and connection power-meter.

Your advantages

  • Easy: Easy and user-friendly detection of optical signals.
  • Fast: Quick and effective detection of optical signals.
  • Safe: Safe detection of optical signals.
  • Robust: Robust models for optimal life-cycle.
  • Portable: Portable, hand-held models for maximum user’s ease.

More information

For more information or advice on Identifiers from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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