Handholes divisible

Extensive expansion options

A Divisible Handhole is an especially designed container with a dual-skinned casing and a dual-skinned lid. Handholes are used as a casing for fiber routing. In the handhole a closure and/or extra cable-length, with a maximum bending radius of 275 mm, can be stored. This casing serves as a mechanical protection of the cable and the closure. It also provides good accessibility of the closure for future splicing-extensions. What is unique about Divisible Handholes in addition to the standard Handholes from Infraconcepts, is that they can be deployed in already existing networks, for example for the creation of extra client-connections. There also is an option to connect through HDPE-tubes by using HDPE-connectors.


Since Handholes are placed underground, it is important they are of a robust quality. Divisible Handholes with plastic enforcement ribs and a steel support frame are suitable for installation on locations according to the European Standard EN 124 groups 1, 2, and 3. To support the standard, the Handhole has to be placed at least 500 mm under the surface.

  • Group 1: Areas only used by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Group 2: Sidewalks, promenades and comparable areas, parking lots and driveways.
  • Group 3: Areas on the road that go no further than 0.5 meter from the curb, or no further than 0.2 meter onto the sidewalk.

You decide

Since the application may vary per project, various types of handholes are on the market (see pictures). Below you’ll find a summary of the options:

  • Various shapes (rectangular, square, oval).
  • Choice between Divisible Handholes without holes with the connectors included, or ready-to-install with pre-drilled with a diameter from 32 to 50 mm.
  • Available with a plastic or cast iron lid.

Your advantages

  • Quality: A robust casing for long-term protection of your optical fiber materials.
  • Accessible: Easy to access for adjustments or expansions of your optical fiber network, also, for example, for client-connections.
  • Flexible: Handholes from Infraconcepts are adjustable to your requirements and to the areas of application.
  • Competitive: The best quality against a competitive price.

More information

Data sheet and extra pictures available on request. For more information or advice on Divisible Handholes from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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