FTTX handholes

Reliable protection underground

The Microfocus Compact Access products are universal cable- and tube-storage boxes that can be directly buried, and that are especially developed for Access closures like EDSA, TENIO, and OFDC. The handholes are robust, equipped with a closable lid and made of durable polyethylene. The handhole serves as a mechanical protection of optical fiber cable and/or tubes, and the closure. It also ensures good accessibility of the closure in case of future client-connections. In addition, during the engineering phase the handhole can be equipped with extra length of tubes, or with client-cables that can be directly buried (DAC). The Compact Access products are available in a double-skinned version (ZTTH-series) or a single-skin version (UDP). These products are mainly applied in FTTH- and FTTB-networks or for events where a temporary hook-up with an optical fiber network is necessary.


The Compact Access products are suitable for installation on locations according to the European standard EN 124 groups 1 and 2. This under the condition that the Compact Access boxes are placed at least 600 mm under the surface.

  • Group 1: Areas that are only used by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Group 2: Sidewalks, promenades and comparable areas, parking lots and driveways.

You decide

Since the application might vary per project, various models are on the market (see pictures):

  • Choice between ZTTH3 and 4, or UDP-casing.
  • Furnished without holes with connectors included, or ready for installation with pre-drilled holes. Diameters vary from 32 to 50 mm.
  • Temporary elevation-kit available.
  • If required available with lock.
  • The ZTTH is available both with a plastic or a cast iron lid.
  • Optional alarm-detectors can be added.

Your advantages

  • Quality: A robust handhole for a long-term protection of your optical fiber material.
  • Accessible: Easily accessible for modifications or expansions of your optical fiber network, ideal for client-connections.
  • Convenient: Possibility to store extra length.
  • Flexible: Compact Access is adjustable to your requirements and the area of application.
  • Aesthetic: Underground hub, no stations out in the streets.

More information

For more information or advice on the FTTX handholes from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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