Flex-tube indoor


Protection around the bend

Indoor Flex-tube is a light-weight tube for indoor applications. The tube is made from PVC or LSZH material (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), and is characterised by its high degree of flexibility and protection. The tube can be used for various purposes. The Flex-tube is easy to install and therefore also time-saving. Infraconcepts supplies Indoor Flex-tubes in any required colour and length.


Indoor Flex-tube has a wide range of applicability and is used, for example, to rout cables to a finishing point, such as an ODF-drawer or a patch-panel. In addition the tube is used to protect cables, and it can be furnished with a rodent-resistant metal inner or outer coating. The prefab version Flex-tube is provided with conducting tubes.

You decide

  • Various sizes/diameters.
  • Standard, divisible, or prefab tube.
  • With or without rodent-resistant metal inner/outer coating.
  • Available in all colours (standard black/grey).
  • Available in the length(s) you need.

Your advantages

  • Protection: Optimal protection of your tubes.
  • Light-weight: Light-weight tubes.
  • Easy: Easy to install.
  • Flexibility: Flex-tube gives you flexibility in curvy situations.
  • Functional: Suitable for almost any environment.

More information

For more information or advice on the Indoor Flex-tube from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.