Easy installation & compact design

FIST-GR3 and FIST-GR3F are optical fiber rack-solutions for ODF-shelfs that fit in perfectly with the FIST fiber management system. The basic racks are available in various sizes. The racks are available in standard GR3 or the compact GR3F model. The optional side ducts take care of smart cable and patch management. Infraconcepts always supplies the GR3 in a quite compact and safely protective packaging so storage does not use up too much space. This supports the installer to bring the box along to the working location on his own.


GR3-rack systems are used, for example, in POP-locations, Meet Me Rooms (MMR), Fiber Entry Rooms (FER), Colocations or other spaces where several optical fiber ODF-components are installed. This allows to choose to build an entirely client-specific solution. It could be an open rack set-up (side-to-side), block set-up (back-to-back), or a completely closed version equipped with locks. The basic racks can be expanded with various accessories such as side panels and doors with or without locks. The racks are supplied standard with back-mounting brackets. Front-mounting brackets in 19 inch are available as an accessory. The GR3 can be expanded with a Storage Bay (SB) to store patchcord over length. FIST-GR3 rack solutions are quite fit for the installation of GSS/GPS-, FOMS-FPS-, MFPS-, and FACT-modules. Infraconcepts supplies FIST-GR3-systems from stock.

You decide

  • Sizes standard ETSI 600 mm or 15-inch 450 mm.
  • Height 1,800 mm or 2,200 mm.
  • Total capacity 2,688 fibers (LC).
  • Optional side duct in 150 or 300 mm.
  • Storage bay available for storing over length.
  • Back-mounting or front-mounting.

Your advantages

  • Green: Compact and efficient packaging, less waste.
  • Portable: Easy to transport, store, and install.
  • Easy: Universal installation instructions (simple images without text).
  • Conventional: Assembly with the aid of regular tools.
  • Uniform: Sizes in conformity with ETSI-telecom standard.
  • Accessible: ETSI profiles with cage nuts for mounting on the back provide optimal access from the front of the ODF panels.
  • Expandable: Optional components assure horizontal and vertical patchcord management, including storage of over length.
  • Safe: Fiber routing always ensures the right bending radius.
  • Smart: Available in combination with Quareo® technology.
  • Universal: Extremely suitable for the installation of the most frequently used cable models.

More information

Data sheets and additional pictures are available on request. For more information or advice on the FIST-GR3-portfolio of Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.