Improve transparency, prevent losses

The FIST-GSS3 and GPS3 (the successor to FIST-GSS2 and GPS2) are universal drawers and are part of the FIST Fiber Management System (Fiber Infrastructure System Technology). These drawers have proven themselves as a solid and professional solution for various applications in optical fiber infrastructures. The GSS-drawer is used as a splicing module and the GPS-drawer as a splice/patch module. The drawers help you to prevent unnecessary signal-loss in your optical fiber network. Infraconcepts will support you to compose the optimal FIST-GSS3 and GPS3 configurations for your projects.


The FIST-GSS3 (Generic Splice Shelf) and FIST-GPS3 (Generic Patch Shelf), in combination with the FIST-GR3 or WR3 system, is easy to install. FIST-GSS3 is used to splice optical fibers directly on to each other, without the application of adapters. For this purpose the FIST-SOSA2 splice trays are used. They are applicable for splicing on Single Circuit (a client-circuit of 2 or 4 fibers), or on Single Element (a cable-element of 12 fibers) level. This provides extremely low quenching in the optical fiber network. The FIST-GSS3 is used for the splicing of outdoor- to indoor-cable, pigtails (through PTK2) on cable, outdoor on breakout/IFC cable or pigtails to pigtails. The FIST-GPS3 module makes it possible to connect the pigtails to patchcords through spicing trays or patch/patch connections through adapter trays. Both types of drawers are extractable through telescopic conductors with bearings, which makes them quite accessible for installation.

You decide

  • 15 inch, 19 inch, or 23 inch mounting (ETSI).
  • Back or front mounting.
  • Splice/splice module for pigtails, loose tube cable and breakout (GSS).
  • Splice/patch module for pigtails, loose tube and breakout cables (GPS).
  • Single Circuit or Single Element.
  • Available with pre-mounted splitters.
  • Option for fixing on Kevlar or aramid.
  • Maximum capacity 288 fibers (cable to cable, GSS).
  • Maximum capacity 192 fibers (pigtail to cable, GSS).
  • Maximum capacity 96 fibers (splice/patch, GPS3).

Your advantages

  • Easy: Easy to install.
  • Fast: Pre-fibered trays equipped with adapters and pigtails.
  • Safe: Single Circuit prevents disturbance of active fibers.
  • Accessible: Access from front with telescopic conductors.

More information

For more information or advice on GSS/GPS-drawers from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times. Data sheets and additional pictures are available on request.