Fault locators

Find faults fast

Fault Locators are user-friendly devices equipped with a red laser that introduces visual light-energy into an optical fiber so as to localise too sharp turns, fractures, broken optical fiber connectors, and other defects. On the spot of a defect, the red light will exit, which will make the location apparent to the optical fiber installer. Infraconcepts supplies various types of robust, portable Fault Locators for localising defects.


The various Fault Locators are used on locations where optical fiber connectors are patched. They are indispensable on locations with a high concentration of optical fiber connections, such as data centers, central offices, headends, area POPs, and street centrals. In addition, the cleaning products are also extremely suitable for consumer and business client-connections with a relatively low concentration of optical fiber connections.

You decide

  • HiLite Miniature Visual Fault Locator for 2.5 (SC/FC/ST etc.) and 1.25 (LC/MU) mm PC- and APC-adapters in compact key-chain model.
  • VFI2 Visual Fault Locator for 2.5 (SC/FC/ST etc.) and 1.25 (LC/MU) mm PC- and APC-adapters in handheld model with long-lasting battery.
  • MT Tracer 12 Fiber Visible Laser Source and Display for MTP/MPO assemblies (12 fibers) in handheld model with long-lasting battery.

Your advantages

  • Easy: Easy and user-friendly localisation of defects.
  • Fast: Fast and effective localisation of defects.
  • Safe: Safe localisation of defects.
  • Robust: Robust models for optimal life-cycle.
  • Wearable: Wearable, handheld models for optimal user’s ease.

More information

For more information or advice on Fault Locators from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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