DB-tube combinations

Stronger together

Direct Buried (DB) tubes are tubes composed of several thick-skinned micro-tubes wrapped in a polypropylene (PP) coating. Due to the size of the micro-tubes, often made from polyethylene (PE), there is no need for an extra protective tube and so they can be placed directly under ground.
The DB-tubes are immediately usable for blowing through mini-cables, thanks to the internal longitudinal grooves. DB-tubes from Infraconcepts have a life-cycle that is comparable with optical fiber cables and they are available in various colour-compositions and diameters.


DB-tubes are mainly used in the FTTX concepts to connect homes and offices fast and flexibly. By using DB-tubes the service provider only has single-time costs for digging on the network. At a later stage optical fiber can be blowed through as required, because the tubes are furnished with a special internal skin.
The PP-coating that is easy to remove makes branching off individual tubes easier, allowing to connect individual tubes through simple, underground, connectors. The use of DB-tubes also gives the service provider a good foundation to easily expand the network in the future, as the cost of installing a few spare tubes is minimal.

DB-tubes often are an excellent alternative to HDPE-tubes. The advisors of Infraconcepts propose the optimal solution for each project.

You decide

  • Number of tubes required in the DB-tube combination.
  • Option to combine tubes with varying diameters (Hybrid DB-tubes).
  • Available in any colour or colour-combination.
  • Marked according to client-specifications.
  • Tube-lengths of up to 3 km per reel.
  • Accessories such as connectors in stock for various sizes.

Your advantages

  • Choice: Broad choice of colours and skin-thickness.
  • Speed: Grooves in the internal skin ensure speedy blow-through of optical fiber cable.
  • Protection: DB-tubes composed to use Direct-Buried.
  • One-go: Branching off from the bundle possible without additional accessories.
  • Futureproof: Always a tube available to blow through an extra optical fiber cable later.
  • Quality: Already 20 years of experience with selected quality-manufacturers.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures available on request. For more information or advice on the DB-tube combinations from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at any time.