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Customer Premises products (for example the products HFTP, COWO, and CPWO) are splicing boxes that serve as client-connection points on the FTTH- or FTTO-network. This passive connection can be found inside the apartment of the final user, often installed next to the utility-meters. The devices of the independent service provider are connected to customer promise product.
Infraconcepts has several Customer Premises models and configurations available. We will help you to determine the optimal configuration, depending on the space and location of the apartment or inside the business premises.


As a part of FTTH and FTTO concepts, the Customer Premises product group supports the FTTX-network operator to install, fast and flexibly, a client-connection at an apartment or office. Infraconcepts supplies, for example, the CommScope models HFTP, COWO, and CPWO. In this wall box usually a dual fiber client-cable (for example DAC- or mini-cable) is spliced to create an LC or SC connector as a final connecting point. At apartments and offices, the wall box is often connected to the Building Entrance or Building Distribution Box. In the outback or urban areas the client-cable is connected to an underground closure.

Thanks to the presence of the optical fiber adapters in the client-connection box, the service provider can install his active client-devices fast and effectively.

In FTTH-projects, the available space in the home (for example next to the utility-meters) often is the decisive factors, and this requires ever smaller splicing boxes in which the optical fiber can still be installed properly, without causing quality loss to the FTTX-signal, considering the maximum bending radius of the fiber.

You decide

  • Models from 8 cm for 2 connections (for example the CommScope models HFTP, COWO, and CPWO, completed by the Infraconcepts Microfocus portfolio).
  • SC and/or LC connectors, even to be combined with copper connections.
  • Supplied with pre-mounted pigtails from the factory (tested connectors).
  • Options for feeding cable fixation (mini-cable/ DAC-cable).
  • Easy fiber management and support for different optical fiber splice protectors (SMOUV/ANT).
  • Developed for indoor-application (IP 20, LSZH material).

Your advantages

  • Complete: Choice from several models and connector types.
  • Quality: Warranty on factory-assembly of the pigtails.
  • Flexible: Regardless of possible deviation in feeding cable, same Customer Premises solution possible.
  • Easy: Easy to install thanks to smart optical fiber management.
  • Competitive: The best quality at a competitive price.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures are available on request. For more information or advice on Customer Premises products from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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