Copper closures

Proven technology for solid connections

Copper closures are used to connect the copper conductors (up to 0.8 mm) of telecom cables. The conductors are connected with Picabond, a light-weight copper connector. It is made of tinned phosphor bronze and tin-plated brass with a polyester insulation. Around these connections for the XAGA model heat-shrinking wraparound and for the MJC-closure the gel-seal technology is applied. Infraconcepts loves to advise you on choosing the right copper closures.


Copper closures are applied in telecom-networks with copper cables. The XAGA heat-shrinking wraparound can be used on hanging cables, direct-buried, and telecom cables that are laid in pipes. These cables can also be connected to cables that are gel-filled, or dry (without gel), or to those that have a PE-coating, a lead coating, steel coating, or aluminium coating. Thanks to the frequently used shrinking technology of CommScope, a water-tight connection between the cables is created. A maximum of 3 cables can be installed on both ends, thanks to a special three-finger clip. The copper telecom-cable can be connected by a maximum of 800 pairs of copper connectors through the Picabond connector. This on condition the conductors are solid.

The MJC-closure can be used to connect hanging cables or direct-buried telecom cables. This closure has the advantage that no source of heat needs to be deployed to create water-tight connections. The gel-seal technology, combined with the cable-fixing system, helps to assure an IP68-certification. In the MJC-closure cables can be installed up to a total number of 100 pairs of copper conductors.

Thanks to the special Picabond-pliers conductors with various types of wire-insulation (for example paper, foamskin, PVC, or plastic) can be connected with one another without stripping or cutting. The connectors have colour-coding based on the conductor’s diameter.

You decide

  • Models with shrinking or gel-seal technology.
  • A choice of several shrinkage proportions through varying cable-diameters.
  • Placement possible straight underground, on masts or in pipes.
  • Configurations possible up to 800 pairs of copper conductors.
  • Copper conductors up to 0.8 mm.
  • Parallel-, branched-off and splice-through configurations possible.

Your advantages

  • Easy: MJC-closure easy to open thanks to cable-fixing system.
  • Fast: Quick application due to proven gel-seal technology.
  • Proven: Applied for years the world over with IP68-certification.
  • Economical: Connecting without stripping or cutting, so no soldering.
  • Cost-efficient: Minimal training required for installing.

More information

For more information or advice on the Copper closures from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.


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