Building Distribution

Rising to the top – the smart way

In order to distribute optical fiber connectivity in big apartment buildings (for example products like FOWB, IFDB, and Mini-RDT) up to the client-connection, Building Distribution products are used. In case of high-rise, such a distribution box is used in combination with Riser cables, optical fiber cables especially developed for this purpose. Infraconcepts can also provide smart accessories that distributes the optical fiber bundles, easily and fast, from the Riser cable to the client-connection point (for example the YPSO).


The best optical fiber distribution in high-rise apartment buildings happens when a Building Distribution Box is placed on each floor. The optical fiber cables can run internally or externally, but the distribution boxes are usually placed inside. Within the architecture, it is placed between the Building Termination Box and the client-connection (FTU) and it typically has 12 or 24 LC/SC connectors. Infraconcepts for example supplies the distribution boxes FOWB (Fiber Optic Wall Box) and IFDB (Indoor Fiber Distribution Box).

Infraconcepts is often involved from an early stage in high-rise projects. It means that the boxes often are an integrated part of the total high-rise concept. The Riser cable plays an important part here. This cable was specifically developed for high-rise and it consists of an especially composed fiber configuration. Riser cables exist for indoor- and outdoor-application. A Riser cable solution consists of a Mini-Breakout or Mini-Bundle cable where special attention is given to the easy stripping of the cables to get access to the individual 250-micron fibers.

With accessories like the YPSO it is easy to take individual fibers from the Riser cables on the different floors.

You decide

  • Several models available, such as IFDB-S, IFDB-M, Mini-RDT, and FOWB.
  • Various models offer the option of up to 24 LC/SC ports.
  • Direct front-access standard, but mounting in a 19-inch panel is also possible (e.g. Mini-RDT).
  • Models are applicable in combination with the various Riser cables (Mini-Breakout & Mini-Bundle models with/without optical fiber connectors).
  • Accessories like YPSO for easy branching off of fibers.
  • Everything is fire-resistant and composed of LSZH material.

Your advantages

  • Small: Compact and aesthetic design.
  • Easy: Easy to install as excess fibers is simply routed on.
  • Complete: A complete solution in combination with Mini-Breakout and/or Mini-Bundle cables.
  • Fast: By using the Riser cables, a customer connection is quickly created.
  • Competitive: The best quality at a competitive price.

More information

Data sheet and additional pictures are available on request. For more information or advice on Building Distribution from Infraconcepts you are welcome to contact one of our advisors at all times.

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