Access closures

Fast & simple seal solutions

Access closures are accessible casings in which optical fiber cables can be spliced together. These closures are deployed in the metro part of the optical fiber network, close to the client connections of end users or to termination points such as cameras. The closures are extremely user-friendly thanks to well-established gel-seal technology, and a smart fiber management system. Infraconcepts offers Access closures in a great number of variants and configurations.


The FIST-GCO2 has a FLAT-version in which a maximum of 144 fibers can be installed. In this closure, cables are covered with oval and round shrinking ports, as well as with the well-established gel-seal technique. The TENIO-closure is a complete wrap-around closure that offers the same in functionality as the FIST-GCO2. The TENIO, however, is more compact, and all cables are covered here by using divisible gel-seals.

The choice for the type of closure is decided by the cables. The shrinking technology is usually applied for conventional cables as they are more robust and have a thicker coating. Gel-seal technology is applied for mini-cables. Exposing these thinner cables to the sources of heat of the shrinking technology is not advisable.

The compact TENIO-closure can also be installed in the new Microfocus µDP casing from Infraconcepts. The closure is extremely fit to quickly create splicing and routing off (window-cuts) the optical fiber network. The optical fiber cables within the network may both be loose-tube and uni-tube, up to a maximum of 288 fibers.

You decide

  • Choice from various TENIO- and FIST-GCO2-models (standard or compact).
  • Installation possible either directly underground or in a handhole/Microfocus µDP casing.
  • Configurations possible up to 288 fibers.
  • Use round or oval shrinkage gates or CommScope gel-seal technology.
  • Brackets available for mounting underground (in handhole) or above ground.
  • Type optical fiber cable (diameter of 2 to 18 mm).
  • Splicing and/or window-cut configurations possible.

Your advantages

  • Easy: Installation of FIST-GCO2 has been proved to be simple, TENIO even tool-less.
  • Economical: Savings by enabling re-opening and re-closing of seals.
  • Fast: Quick installation thanks to gel-seal technology and fiber management.
  • Accessible: Easy access to divisible gel-seals from the side.
  • Proven: Has been applied for years worldwide with IP68-certification.

More information

For more information or advice about the Access closures-systems from Infraconcepts you can contact one of our advisors at all times.

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