Infraconcepts expands borders with partnership Amsterdam Light Festival

Infraconcepts is proud to announce their 2017-2018 partnership with Amsterdam Light Festival. Infraconcepts’ leading lighting solution based on Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber perfectly matches innovation within the ‘thinline’ artwork, created by the world-renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei.

Ai Weiwei’s ‘thinline’ artwork is denouncing the meaning of borders. Who actually determines borders and who controls them? Who can cross a border and who is denied access? Ai Weiwei literally draws a border right through the city of Amsterdam, which embraces the entire water exposition. The border is illustrated by a 6,5 kilometer long light line along the Amsterdam canals.

The 6,5 kilometer ‘thinline’ art object has to sustain a moisture outdoor environment during the winter months which has been identified as an enormous challenge by the team of Amsterdam Light Festival. All the traditional light technologies were labeled as not suitable to fulfill the demands of the artwork. The partnership with Infraconcepts started after Amsterdam Light Festival and Ai Weiwei received a hands-on experience of Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber, empowered by several Versalume™ solutions. They experienced its strengths such as a thin, flexible, long, colored fiber with low power consumption which enables a uniform bright line-light. The moment where ‘Innovation meets high-end art!’.

Based on Ai Weiwei’s embracement of the technology Infraconcepts started a close cooperation with partner Versalume™ and the curatorial and production team of Amsterdam Light Festival. Infraconcepts’ fiber integration experience expands borders by merging this special fiber into an innovative outdoor line-light concept. The concept includes long lifetime UV and moisture resistance, and extra layer of fiber protection yet it isn’t as bulky as other lighting solutions. The new concept paves the way for compelling architecture and maritime applications. This solution is applicable for exterior and interior lighting in landscaping, signage, pools, and spas.

Infraconcepts is looking forward to this special collaboration realizing the ‘thinline’ project together with Amsterdam Light Festival and Versalume™.

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