Besides providing network concepts and components, logistics is always an important factor to run a successful project. For complex projects the availability of products (JIT = Just In Time) is essential to avoid lead times from stagnating the project. For urgent assignments, on the other hand, abundant stock is of substantial value (from the standpoint of the offtake pattern for the various products). Besides availability, aspects such as the order process, stock management, transportation, and handling are essential, too. The various aspects will be discussed below.


Availability & JIT deliveries

Over the past 20 years, Infraconcepts has gathered lots of experience in the design of logistic models for various clients. Infraconcepts supplies products such as HDPE tubing, optical fiber cable, handholes, breakout assemblies on contract basis to the associated contractors (turnkey process contractors) for various operators. It is done on the basis of the rolling forecast principle, which demonstrated results related to the reduction of costs. The improvements that has become clear during these logistical challenges are:

  • Availability of material for the construction of networks and client connections
  • Reliability of supplies for material by indicating fixed resupply times
  • Reduction of values along the entire chain by curbing supply points
  • Registration and reports for item movements at a client level


Stock management standard items

Besides managing stock for clients and/or projects, Infraconcepts also manages its standard stock for daily resupplies through a professional system. Infraconcepts works with minimum stock levels per item, so-called min-max planning. Consequently, our system creates daily reports regarding which products and product combinations must be replenished on the basis of rolling forecasts and basic historical data. Also taken into account is the level of urgency of resupplies, so a choice between various transportation options is possible (take air freight, for example, or container shipping, etc.). This method allows us to guarantee very short delivery times on our stock products.

The interaction between administrative and physical stock reliability is of great value to avoid giving no for an answer. That’s why weekly stock inventories are run on all items, based on sales and value analyses. It allows to guarantee an extremely high level of reliability.


Ordering process

Orders can be placed with us both telephonically and digitally (e-mail or web-based) through our Customer Service department. Infraconcepts can be reached on working days from 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM. After placing the order, it will be confirmed to our clients within 24 hours. If ordered before 2.00 PM, regular material available from stock will be delivered in the Benelux and Germany on the next working day.


Handling & Transport

Infraconcepts makes use of various logistical service providers & partners. Pallets and parcel shipments are picked up daily from our warehouse in Breda. These are organised by DHL and Van Wanrooy Transport. Heavy transport, or transport that requires the use of a crane or a (portable) forklift, is provided by Soetens Internationale Transporten from Goirle. All our logistical service providers dispose of a track & trace system so deliveries can be accurately monitored. It’s also possible to maintain contact between the driver and the recipient on location, both before and during the unloading of project deliveries. Emergency transport is organised through a fixed courier service, or through our own service van.


Infraconcepts has its own warehouses, of which one is adjacent to the offices, located on the Takkebijsters in Breda, and one in Goirle. In Breda more than 2,000 different items are always in stock, on a total product range we supply over 10,000 products. In addition we dispose of a covered storage space where our stock of reels of HDPE tubing and optical fiber cables are kept.