Today a natural area, tomorrow RetroPop; data-needs of 17,500 visitors

Infraconcepts and VolkerWessels Telecom build optical fiber infrastructure for RetroPop.

You go to a festival to enjoy and share valuable time with friends. You want to share all the beautiful moments you experience with the friends that are not around. Everybody sends more and more data and considers it normal to be connected always and anywhere. Just adding mobile coverage is no longer sufficient for the festivals. Also at RetroPop in Emmen it has become clear over the past years that working with extra masts alone is no longer sufficient for the data-traffic of 17,500 visitors including the need of the the organisation. Therefore the organisation has started during 2016’s edition to make use of an optical fiber ring to guarantee stable connections with enough bandwidth.

Connectivity is a primary need
The festival premises, however, are located in a natural area with strict rules and conditions. Because of the geographical location, more than 3 km of optical fiber was required from the nearest distribution-point of Reggefiber. VolkerWessels Telecom and Infraconcepts together devised a complete underground concept for all data-requiring parties connected during the build-up of RetroPop. VolkerWessels TeIecom subsequently took care of connectivity for services such as free Wi-Fi, ATMs, and live-coverage transmissions. After days of extreme data-use, all handholes were closed up again, so everyone could enjoy the silence of the natural area around Emmen again.

Striking innovations
The event concept developed by Infraconcepts and VolkerWessels Telecom takes into consideration the flexibility and scalability-needs of the event. An indispensable product for this is the new Mini Optical Terminal Enclosure (mini-OTE) that is a part of the complete hardened connectivity concept. A unique solution for FTTX-infrastructures, to which new users and services can be connected a lot faster. In the hardened connectivity event concept there is a prominent role, too, for robust outdoor cables (no extra protection needed) and connectors. These cables are faster to install and have a lower maintenance-need. The robust optical connectors are hardened and resist extreme temperatures, humidity, and UV radiation, among other things; perfect for (semi-)permanent projects like outdoor festivals. It allows RetroPop to realise an ultra-fast network for visitors and organisations in the years to come as well.