Rijkswaterstaat realises optical fiber infrastructure on primary waterways

Through the construction of its own future-proof optical fiber network, RWS has made an investment in a high-quality, robust infrastructure. This way improvements were realized on the traffic control of the primary waterways. Over 50 locations have been provided with more than 200 kilometers of optical fiber cable. These locations consists of radar installations, traffic control points, bridges, and dams. Within the recently closed framework agreement, BAM Infra Telecom b.v. is responsible for the design, construction, and the maintenance of the optical fiber network for the upcoming period. The network is subdivided in four service areas: the primary waterways in the province of Zuid-Holland, the dam Maeslantkering, and two tracks around Tiel and Nijmegen where the traffic control points are located. All projects have been completed in a bit more than one year to the satisfaction of all involved.

BAM Infra Telecom b.v. selected Infraconcepts for the supply of all optical fiber cables, handholes, optical fiber ODF drawers, and optical fiber spicing closures for the construction and maintenance of the network. Besides a good price/quality level, the logistical power of Infraconcepts to deliver to the various project locations, was a major reason for BAM to face this challenge together. Part of the necessary optical fiber cable was delivered by barge to the terminal of BCTN in Nijmegen. All material are supplied by Infraconcepts according to the standards set by RWS, pursuant the VICnet handbook.