The Dutch 7,000km railway grid is one of the busiest in the world

We can no longer get around connectivity along and around our railway tracks. The Netherlands count a total of 7,000 km of railway tracks, of which 75 percent is electrified. Infraconcepts has made a major contribution over the past 20 years to replace the copper infrastructure with optical fiber for the Dutch railway grid.

Besides supplying optical fiber cable and components, we have developed various concepts in cooperation with our clients and end-users to speed up the roll-out of the installation, and to improve its quality. ATM is the communication protocol that nowadays applies to optical fiber connections along the tracks. These ultra-modern connections are step by step replacing all inter-local copper based telecom cables. The execution is carried out in a series of operative stages clearly defined in work packages. Due to increasing outside influence and the increasing demand for data-capacity, this replacement is continuing at top-speed, and as of 2015/2016 the roll-out of Fides protocol has started. Fides is the upgrading of the optical fiber network by substituting the active devices of ATM along the tracks and at all stations.

In addition lots of optical fiber is deployed in and around stations for communication, safety, and travelers’ information systems, so travelers can be adequately provided with information. Infraconcepts has expertise in the area of fiber optic concepts along the railwaytracks. Of course our product range for the railwaytracks also applies to trams, and subways.