Pinkpop profits every year from investing in pre-connectorized optical fiber

It has been a few years since Pinkpop asked Spie Infra Network Solutions for an ‘invisible’ data network that is also ready for the services of the future. Spie Infra Network Solutions and Infraconcepts lined-up together those days to start building the first pre-connectorized optical fiber network in the Netherlands. Within a few days the initial installation on events premises Megaland has been established Time savings were also achieved compared to the yearly installation of a data network.

“To be a part of Pinkpop every year, we’re mighty proud of that”, says Sjef van de Ven of Spie Infra Network Solutions. “Together with our supplier Infraconcepts we devised a System Integrated concept in those days that was unique for both, and applied for the very first time. Pinkpop wanted to keep the network invisible, allowing at the same time to keep it accessible for third parties to roll out their services. Early on Monday the materials were delivered by our supplier Infraconcepts. We brought them to the festival area immediately and installed it. On location, the carefully prepared prefab-hardened connector patch cables turned out to work well immediately.”

Every year, out of an empty, vacant events pitch all facilities need to be built up again for all those thousands of visitors. Whether for the ATMs, live TV, or audio streams, all these services require a reliable network and need to be operational within a few days and in parallel. So as the artists change every year on Pinkpop, the underground network remains the same.

Besides for Pinkpop, Spie Infra Network Solutions has applied this “plug and play” concept in 2016 for Paaspop in Schijndel successfully as well.