Infraconcepts supplies optical fiber cable to Spie Nederland for windmill park

On assignment of the company Spie Nederland, Infraconcepts has supplied optical fiber cable for the interconnection of the windmills at windmill park “De Zuidlob”, and for the connection of the 150 kV station of power-provider Tennet to the 150 kV Substations.

Zuidlob Wind BV (a part of NUON/Vattenfall) is a project through which Spie, along with Dura Vermeer Infra BV and CG holdings Belgium (Combination Ventus Zeewolde vof), provided construction of the civilian and electrical infrastructure, as well as the construction of 36 wind turbines. It will procure electrical power to 88,000 homes, which makes it one of the biggest wind parks in the Netherlands. The windmills have been providing current to the grid for some years now, and are constantly monitored through the optical fiber network.

Some parameters: wind turbines have a mast-height of 100 meters, the weight of pod and rotors is 60 tons, 3.4 MW capacity per windmill; 14 km park-way; 100 km 33 kV cable; 1727 poles for the foundations; Concrete foundation at 5.7 meters high each, width 15 meters, amounting to 550 m3 concrete; crane deployment stages of 25×40 m2; 63 initiators (farmers).