Harderwijk sees the light and is one of the fastest broadband areas of the Netherlands

Through the installation of optical fiber, Harderwijk has become one of the fastest broadband areas of the Netherlands. The network offers an enormous quantity of applications in the field of digital services.

Glasvezel (‘optical fiber’) Harderwijk has been a joint initiative of CIF and CAI Harderwijk. Fiber4all took care of the design and construction. Infraconcepts took care of all deliveries and organised all the logistics concerning the optical fiber material for this project to connect 20,000 households. The network got installed in record time fulfilling the highest expert standards. The network integrates hundreds of kilometers of optical fiber cable underground, from central hubs right up to the home connections. Infraconcepts, in the capacity of One-stop-shop system integrator, supplied weekly the requirement amount of optical fiber cable and optical fiber-related components. All compliant with the standards for CIF operators.

The network opens a lot of new opportunities in the area of digital services. Harderwijk, as an example for other cities, wanted to be prepared for the future trend. Undoubtedly optical fiber is one of them. The world we live in changes fast. People consuming more and more information. This applies not only to consumers, but also to businesses. By combining the strengths of CAI Harderwijk and the CIF organisation, they succeeded to quickly deliver a high-quality optical fiber network. The strength of CAI Harderwijk, as the local cable-provider, was combined with the strength of CIF, an experienced party used to installation of optical fiber networks.

The optical fiber network makes Harderwijk ready for the future. The network will offer unlimited bandwidth and grants access to many new services. Digital television, interactive HD-TV, 3D-TV, on-line gaming, medical help at a distance, ultra-fast internet, downloading films and music, or internet services on your TV. It is all possible with optical fiber, and in the future other services will arise. CAI Harderwijk has serviced the cable connections for TV- and radio-broadcasters, and telecom- and internet-connections for the inhabitants of Harderwijk and Hierden for over thirty years. The cable company has been providing services to 90 percent of the households in the municipality. CIF is a Dutch investment fund that invests with a long-term vision in communication infrastructure, such as radio towers and cable networks.