An ultra-modern FTTH-optical fiber network in rural area of Drenthe

A permanent, honest broadband connection is essential for the quality of life of our environment and therefore ECO-Oostermoer takes the responsibility into their own hands.

ECO-Oostermoer is a co-operation that stimulates and facilitates projects. One of those projects is the project to provide the rural area of this region with an ultra-modern optical fiber network up to each home. It is a pilot project for ECO-Oostermoer. They intend to proof to the end-user that an affordable broadband internet can actually be realised. The province of Drenthe supports the project with an investment.


Raising the quality of life
This project is connected with the decline inhabitants in the region, as the quality of life is perceived to go downwards. Investment in certain facilities are postponed which makes it less attractive to live in the rural area, which will cause even more people to move away. ECO-Oostermoer wants to stop this downward trend. Building a (broadband) optical fiber infrastructure is a good option to do something about it, and to re-establish the quality of life at a good level.

Economic development
Access to optical fiber is very important for the quality of life and the economic development of the area. It makes it possible, for example, to offer digital healthcare support, to stimulate the use of tablets in school, and to improve the possibilities for working from home. With such an infrastructure, fast internet, digital television and telecom of high quality become available to everyone.


Optical fiber concept for the outback
On 19 February 2016 the installation of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) optical fiber network for the inhabitants of the rural area of Eexterzandvoort and Gieterzandvoort (municipality of Aa en Hunze) was started. Design and roll-out of the project are the responsibility of Vidyn from Harderwijk. As System Integrator Infraconcepts has contributed to rolling out the optical fiber concept for the rural area. One of the areas of attention were the costs per home and the flexibility of the network to allow for future connections to the network.


Successful pilot project
The project has been completed successfully and satisfactorily. From this initial area the project will be rolled out into the surrounding areas. Ambassadors are presently active in various villages in Aa en Hunze, Borger-Odoorn, and Tynaarlo to stimulate the interest in their own towns. As soon as more than 65% of the inhabitants in a continuous area of about 1,000 homes wants to engage, the expansion of the network can continue.