TenneT kiest voor glasvezel bij vernieuwing van infrastructuur

“The Last Mile”; 279 TenneT high-voltage stations linked to 21 optical fiber rings

TenneT, owner of the national high-voltage grid, has decided to link a total of 279 high-voltage stations to 21 optical fiber rings. The project titled: ‘’The Last Mile’’ was started. A logistical puzzle, requiring material to be delivered on location on time. Tennet and Infraconcepts joined forces to take the challenge to a successful delivery.

Infraconcepts solutions
To successfully roll out and build ‘’The Last Mile’’ TenneT worked together with Volker Wessels Telecom (VWT) to use their services. Infraconcepts contributed by providing tight planning and advice related to the materials to be used (over 900 kilometers optical fiber cable and various components). All towards the final purpose, getting the right products to the right location (JIT). This principle asks for material to be delivered right on time. It has to take into consideration the progress of the project, and the client’s wishes.

Optical fiber versus copper
Until recently TenneT made use of rental lines with a predominantly copper-based infrastructure. By opting for its own optical fiber network, TenneT has built a future-proof infrastructure. Subsequently all 110- and 150- kV high-voltage stations were directly connected to it. The result is a new, passive, and reliable optical fiber network for communications between the various high-voltage stations, the operational center, and camera footage for the control room. At each station the connection is laid redundantly, so a single malfunction in the network will not interrupt the connection. Thanks to the expansion of the optical fiber network, TenneT also sees opportunities to deploy the infrastructure they have created for other purposes.