Company profile

For over twenty years Infraconcepts has been the leading supplier of innovative broadband concepts for the design, building, and maintenance of optical fiber networks in the market segments of Telecom, Energy, Industry, Civil Engineering, Railways, Mobile and Data Centers.

Infraconcepts is passionate about creating connections! Central is the connection between man & technology, which we concretise by forging durable relationships with our clients and partners, and by delivering, within the agreed on time frame, high-quality broadband concepts.

Our dependency on high-quality broadband infrastructure continues to grow fast. Businesses and consumers want to stay in touch constantly, vital functions in our society can no longer do without a high-level and future-resistant ICT infrastructure. Old forms of communication and networks give way to new broadband connections. The exponential growth in the quantity of data stimulates demand for more and more bandwidth and innovative broadband networks.

Through strong partnerships, Infraconcepts wants to play a lasting, leading role in the broadband market place, by supplying and developing innovative broadband concepts.